Chico Rico

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    " Without Total Obsession, 

                                    We Shall Not Achieve Perfection " 


Honey's Girl

This portrait is of a client's grandchild, and was transformed from a 4"x4" Photo to a beautiful 20"x24" painting.

This painting was framed and sold for $200.00 


 This painting  is of the infamous Joker, and if you look closely to the right of this painting you will see Spawn.

This painting is currently available and because of its size, it will not be framed. The size of this painting is 24"x48" and will be sold for $185.00

 Misled Soul

This portrait is my interpretation of a photo I saw of a homeless man living in New York.

This portrait is currently available and will be sold for $215.00 framed, the size of this painting is 20"x24".